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CheckIPAndNotify is a free application, designed and written in an amateur way by the author of this blog, which allows you to receive an e-mail notification whenever the change of the public IP address is detected, an address that is automatically assigned when the devices are connected that allow connection to the Internet, like a classic modem router; having said that, excluding the fact that you do not have an internet connection plan that provides a static IP address, it is a fact that the IP address changes with each reconnection, which can be caused by a line drop, a temporary failure, a electrical blackout or a simple shutdown/restart of the device used for the Internet connection; CheckIPAndNotify can be useful for those who want to know always and almost in real time the public IP address of their personal or corporate server, or of a remotely connected PC, of ​​the home PC used as a file server, etc.

The operation is very simple, once the program is started, it will immediately detect the public IP address in use; to configure the system for sending the notification via e-mail just fill in the various fields with the sender's email address, enter an optional sender name, the email address on which you want to receive the notification of the IP address change (which can also be the same as the sender). Complete the configuration by entering the parameters of the SMTP server used, a convenient drop-down list will allow you to auto-fill the parameters for the most used servers; at the end, by clicking on the Send test E-mail button, you can check if the configuration is correct, before saving with the appropriate Save settings button; the subject and the message of the e-mail are obviously customizable.

This small application to notify the user of the IP address change does not remain resident in memory nor installs any service, at present it requires a scheduled task for execution; using the button with the alarm symbol opens the window that allows you to create a scheduled task with a time interval chosen by the user, every time the scheduled task is performed, it checks and notifies, only in case of change, the new public IP address, by sending an e-mail message; in fact, it would not be very logical to receive notifications if the IP address does not change, the mailbox would be full of useless messages, in case the user decides to carry out the detection, for example, every 10 minutes.
The user can also choose not to use the built-in scheduled task creation functionality but to create it from scratch and with customized settings using the utility built into the Windows operating system.
In the application settings you can choose whether to save a log file that stores the various operations, useful for tracing the progress of the planned activity and finding any problems; the log file can also be activated for SMTP client/server communications.

CheckIPAndNotify does not require any installation, it is composed of a single executable file (therefore it is portable, it can also be run from a USB pendrive), it does not even require administrator rights to function correctly, however if it is "installed" in protected folders, it needs to be run as an administrator.

The advice is to run the application as an administrator when you want to set the scheduled task, in order to create it to have an active schedule even in the condition of a restart of the device that requires user access, in fact scheduling the task as a normal user, this will not be performed unless you log into Windows with a password, if present.

The program is obviously virus-free and does not contain any advertising (if the antivirus reports it as malware, it is certainly a false positive!), to verify that it has not been modified by third parties just do a hash check of the executable file.

Compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit / Windows 8/8.1 32/64 bit / Windows 10 32/64 bit / Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019, .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is required.

To download CheckIPAndNotify 32 or 64 bit version, click on one of the links below, the password for extraction is "kkaio.com", without quotes; if deemed appropriate, it is possible to make a donation to the author.

The software is currently localized in: italian, english.

User's guide (english)

Changelog version 1.0.4: fix localizazions, libraries update

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.4 - 32 bit (12th december 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 0af5c9139f862f4e892a2032b62ba373
SHA1: e7b3b4b66b911efdf9578341e3f312f90efcd268
CRC32: 72e7a183
SHA-256: b945b7f0d6e66cbadff7add55666ebc13b06cbe062d0dd8e1eec641fede9048c
Size: 5.319.680 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.4 - 64 bit (12th december 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 0012a4ffc2bd04ac720f8d4fbf7890c6
SHA1: 610f139040b25d16759ca0a3281fc36819268998
CRC32: ffe22d14
SHA-256: 4aecf84f9fa8d1ea53ae39fce14f3092b43d64efb8d6cc3fd9b9f40d1bd69bee
Size: 5.318.144 bytes

Previous versions

Changelog version 1.0.3: fix localizazions, few code optimizazions, libraries update

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.3 - 32 bit (8th july 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 9beab4b7f8f3169cce6af413bbe4b2c0
SHA1: dfa6260902cacc1064e7dd6137b2ab8dddc2fa67
CRC32: 400fa725
SHA-256: f257b0db390c9a548f7e28889f4831192b1df9223d789118a6d0e5d76cdc9fb9
Size: 5.299.200 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.3 - 64 bit (8th july 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 7b9396d3a5a0c96d94dfa3a1442d57aa
SHA1: e420ab5dce076cf8d1dd9e47e2a56bbbbc552da7
CRC32: d75350e7
SHA-256: e8b4912a954bfdb2df3fccfca7734fc397a95f83cacafdf6e840bb8b1ccc4a7a
Size: 5.297.664 bytes

Changelog version 1.0.2: fix english localization, libraries update

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.2 - 32 bit (21th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 96614c5f6b6e56aeaa09d384b5822e93
SHA1: 86b55d5e50c27cfe09576b081a3f5c3c465a0ccb
CRC32: 61d61ade
SHA-256: 162898f7b6e92aed095acd656924eb83f05931ab3140d21e91ebeac529d1ab47
Size: 5.282.816 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.2 - 64 bit (21th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 06aff3e748b8dcb8b6e53bc442d01c2f
SHA1: d19ef65034f7a46b548d25d0b5212f8cb309b95d
CRC32: 65f36631
SHA-256: 5b89eddaf01e8b1303cc4bc7c6af5fbb68651ad02a58f6e1fa748ce0928154a3
Size: 5.280.768 bytes

Changelog version 1.0.1: small fix to the graphical interface, small fix to the code

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.1 - 32 bit (18th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: b5af8d0b04d5b4d34bae81a84085f43a
SHA1: 37bd58da51a3958dacc2078993058942857394b7
CRC32: 02a23298
SHA-256: 1b2ba36f2b4296d9d446de482c7e992275fb2c8cefd406e7118786c48d895a8e
Size: 5.214.208 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.1 - 64 bit (18th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: 7fa70b15697a1eb8f22612a074397a47
SHA1: 91920222452be046be10193ce86344d3e3b454af
CRC32: a4fa0d3b
SHA-256: 13668a024b9807fe945749f37f9dd301aa25389ce6c82422eb032b0fd53343e7
Size: 5.212.672 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.0 - 32 bit (15th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: cd0e0408c8ddeecc66434c255f5d1f9e
SHA1: 370d5d14ff7a95b433a60e61cde11d351296e7ed
CRC32: 60e02abf
SHA-256: 55cd3884e2a45b81d59c67e8be6ebd87029b464c67e94db5aaa581ed6cc036ae
Size: 5.214.208 bytes

CheckIPAndNotify version 1.0.0 - 64 bit (15th may 2020)

Filename: CheckIPAndNotify.exe
MD5: bbe1e6c23016f392bdf93ee57a5b477e
SHA1: acd4cf0607a09db7df6281dc0873db34116dc427
CRC32: 2c7931a3
SHA-256: a06f94c6c6bb860aee71bc15f978c6127bcc7bf08221f1f28dbb647bae0296ef
Size: 5.212.672 bytes